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Into the demon's jaws with Celeste

A picture essay exploring the philosophy and narrative design of Celeste.

The Queen's Gambit is a love letter to play

A feature exploring how The Queen's Gambit relates to the social history of play. Published by Eurogamer. 


Streets of Rage: Crime and Punishment

A feature looking at Streets of Rage's complicated relationship with the police force. Published by Uppercut.

How PlayStation 5's instant loading could change video game storytelling

A feature that uses the history of film editing to think about video game storytelling in an era when environments can be instantly loaded. Published by Fanbyte.


Picture books and video games: a backdoor into childhood

A feature exploring the relationship between children's picture books and video games. Published by Eurogamer.

Someone should make a game about: prison life

A feature looking at the way prisons are depicted in video games. Published by Eurogamer. 

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